The safety of light sticks

In recent years, children and young people to fluorescent stick as a fashionable stuff, there have been media, said: "The light stick contains dimethyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate, with low toxicity. If accidentally leaked, was the body of aspiration or touch, will cause nausea, dizziness, paralysis and even coma and other injuries to human health phenomenon. "Tsinghua University Department of Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry Zhao Fuqun said, as long as the use of correct methods, Will not cause too much harm to the human body.

Zhao Fuqun that, because the fluorescent rods in the liquid chemical substances are polyethylene (plastic) packaging, it will not cause too much harm to the human body. Because the light emitted by the light bar is a non-radioactive light emitted by the chemical reaction-excited dye, rather than the light emitted by the radiation-stimulating dye, it does not harm the human body. But Zhao Fuqun also nowadays some people to catch up with fashion, the light stick broken, the inside of the liquid smear on the body against the practice, because the fluorescent material in the direct contact with the skin will cause some damage to the human body. Especially not to let children eat.