The production process of the light stick

First liquid A into the glass tube, the seal. The liquid B is then loaded into a plastic tube that has been sealed. And then insert the glass tube with the liquid A into the plastic tube containing the liquid B. Finally, the plastic tube is sealed. So that a complete fluorescent stick came out.

Specific operation: a: selected in line with the specifications of the glass tube, the first closure of empty tube, sealed empty tube, the liquid A through the high pressure injection, drying glass tube, and then another seal it.

Two: pull out the specifications of the plastic pipe, is the PE material, with a plastic seal machine to seal the air tube, and then B liquid into the glass tube with A liquid into the B liquid plastic tube, And then transported to the stamping shop to another seal.

Third, the good light stick and then get the pool rinse clean, dry with a dry machine, and then sent to the QC, in a certain temperature of the light to do the test, the leakage of the broken head does not meet the specifications Product pick out, so qualified light stick came out.

Four last process is the packaging, with the guests specified packaging, with regular foreign trade boxes, as well as bar code, the label one by one can not be missed. This product can be factory.